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Specifying the auto-login name with PuTTY | The Electric ...

PuTTY is a freeware terminal emulator and SSH client for Windows packed with a lot of useful configuration options. I'm forever mistyping my login name when logging into a server and the only solution when you do this is to close the PuTTY app start it up again and then try again. To make logins quicker and to save login name mistypes you can specify a auto-login username and then all you ...

'Auto-login username' - PuTTY Documentation

4.14.1 ' Auto-login username' All three of the SSH Telnet and Rlogin protocols allow you to specify what user name you want to log in as without having to type it explicitly every time. (Some Telnet servers don't support this.) In this box you can type that user name.

Specifying the auto-login name with PuTTY

Specifying the auto-login name with PuTTY To make logins quicker and to save login name mistypes you can specify a auto-login username and then all you need to do is type in the password. Please note that of course there may be security implications of storing your login name in the PuTTY settings so you may not want to do this.

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3. Open Putty Create a new session with the following information. Putty > Session > Host Name ( or IP address ): remote_host Putty > Session > Saved Sessions: remote_host Putty > Connection > Data > Auto-login username: my_user Putty > Connection > Data > SSH > Auth > Private key file for authentication: click browse and select the private key Putty > Session > Save

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I use WinSCP to "auto login" in PuTTY with a password. It's free contains plenty of features was created in 2000 and is still activity maintained. (WinSCP Wikipedia page) STEP 1: Login to your winSCP. Click Options > Preferences. Then Follow the screenshot below. STEP 2: Follow the screenshot below.

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SSH accepts a username using which it can auto-login thus saving you the hassle of having to type it in every time. This can be configured in PuTTY easily. Choose the session you want to configure and click Load. Go to Connection → Data and enter the username you want to use in Auto-login username.

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For some versions of Putty it's as simple as: putty.exe [email protected] -pw mypasswordforexamplecom For those using Windows you can simply create a shortcut and pass in those parameters.

Enable Auto login in Putty using ssh keys

Enable Auto login in Putty using ssh keys on November 6 2011 Putty is a tool for connecting to remote computers (Linux or Windows) through ssh or telnet protocols. When we open new connection to a remote computer using putty software we need to provide username and password.

Key-Based SSH Logins With PuTTY - HowtoForge

PuTTY is an SSH client that is available for Windows and Linux (although it is more common on Windows systems). Using key-based SSH logins you can disable the normal username/password login procedure which means that only people with a valid private/public key pair can log in.

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Open putty.exe Enter username and password. Run a shell script. I am using UFT (VB Scripting).