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Login and Password Reset Not Working on Nessus

Nessus user password reset using nessuscli command but still unable to login. Troubleshooting Steps. For Unix installation: Connect to machine via command line (Putty MobaXterm etc) as root/same user who installed Nessus ... Attempt the login again and the issue should be resolved; For Windows installations: Log on to the scanner server in ...

Target Credential Status by Authentication Protocol ...

Nessus failed to successfully authenticate directly to the remote target on an available authentication protocol. Nessus was able to connect to the remote port and identify that the service running on the port supports an authentication protocol but Nessus failed to authenticate to the remote service using the provided credentials.

Identify failed credentialed scans in Nessus / Security ...

SSH was unable to login with any supplied credentials. the account used does not have sufficient privileges to read all the required registry entries: 24786: Nessus Windows Scan Not Performed with Admin Privileges Plugin output will note to the following: It was not possible to connect to '\\HOSTNAME\ADMIN

with the supplied credentials. 10428

Useful plugins to troubleshoot credential scans

11219 - Nessus SYN scanner* OR 14272 - Netstat Portscanner (SSH)* *Note: The port scanners are used to determine the which port the Oracle Database Service was found on. Login Failure/Permission Failure

Troubleshooting Credential scanning on Windows

Anonymous IPC$ login test. Test the IPC$ share without a username by using the following command. This command is similar to how Nessus checks the share. Note: Change to the target's IP address. net use \\\ipc$ "" /user:"" For example: If this returns "Failed to connect to the IPC$ share anonymously."

Enable Windows Logins for Local and Remote Audits (Nessus)

Enable Windows Logins for Local and Remote Audits. The most important aspect about Windows credentials is that the account used to perform the checks should have privileges to access all required files and registry entries which in many cases means administrative privileges.

Nessus Troubleshooting (

Nessus plugins fail to update. Click System > Configuration. The Configuration page appears. Click License and ensure that the Nessus Activation Code is marked as Valid. Ensure that the user used to connect to the Nessus server is a Nessus administrator. Ensure that the system is allowed outbound HTTPS connectivity to the Nessus ...

Nessus feed reset to fix plugin issues or error

Notes: Instructions are only valid for Standalone Nessus Professional and Nessus Manager scanners. This does not apply to scanners managed by Nessus Manager or; These commands will delete all your registration information and preferences.

Advanced Settings (Nessus) - Tenable Inc.

This setting allows Nessus to operate on different ports: one dedicated to communicating with remote agents and scanners (comms port) and the other for user logins (management port). By adding this setting you can link your managed scanners and agents a different port (e.g. 9000) instead of the port defined in xmlrpc_listen_port (default 8834).

Credentialed Checks on Windows (Nessus)

Type the name of the policy Nessus Scan GPO. Add the Nessus Local Access group to the Nessus Scan GPO. Right-click Nessus Scan GPO Policy then select Edit. Expand Computer configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Restricted Groups. In the left navigation bar on Restricted Groups right-click and select Add Group.